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    王者葡京网站-NARI Technology Co., Ltd. (abbr. as NARI-TECH) is a leading supplier of solutions for power and automation technologies in China. NARI-TECH possesses nearly 20 branches according to product lines or customer services and over 5,000 employees based in Nanjing, Beijing, Shanghai and other locations in China. The company is founded in 2001 by Nanjing Automation Research Institute (NARI), which is owned by  China State Grid and has a moderate long history about 50 years. In 2003, the Series A share of NARI-TECH (600406) was listed successfully at the Shanghai Stock Exchange.
    Today, our business covers the fields of power system automation, smart grid, renewable energy, railway automation, industrial control, energy conservation and environment protection, power plant auxiliary equipment technology, etc. NARI-TECH mainly focuses on technologies and innovations on electrical power SCADA/EMS applications, protective relays and other automation in substation, advanced metering infrastructure, power electronics (SVC & SVG), renewable energy connection (Wind power converter, Photovoltaic inverter etc.), railway power SCADA and automation.
    NARI-TECH as a leading player in automation field in China has extended its business and services worldwide. In South America, Africa, Mideast, Southeast Asia, Middle Asia and Russia, NARI has already  set up agencies there.
Today, NARI-TECH stands as top 1 Power SCADA provider in China and also top 1 smart grid researcher for China State Grid .

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