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Circuit Breaker Protection Device NSR-321

Be applied to the circuit breaker protection of 500kV smart substation.


  • Failure protection
  • Three-phase inconsistent protection
  • Charging over-current protection
  • Automatic reclosing


  • Network interface of station level
  • SV sampling interface
  • GOOSE interface
  • Interface of optical transceiver
  • time synchronizationinterface
  • Network debugging interface
  • Printer interface 


  •  3 Ethernet interfaces and supinterfaceing IEC 61850 or IEC 60870-5-103 protocols
  • 1 communication serial interface for printer
  • 1 RS-485(EIA) differential bus interface for timing signal input
  • 1 Ethernet interface for computer-aided software for device testing and configuration

NSR-321 is a set of breaker protection devices, which are switched on by the microcomputer. It can serve as breaker protection of 3/2 or delta wiring connection of 220kV and higher voltage class.

  • Starting component

Starting element of current variation: setting range 0.01In~0.5In

Starting element of zero sequence over-current: setting range 0.01In~0.5In

  • Protection action time

Time range: 0.01~10S

  • Automatic reclosing

Angle error of check synchronism element

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