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Busbar Protection Device NSR-371

NSR-371A busbar protection is appropriate for main electric wiring of single busbar, single busbar with bus section, single busbar with two bus sections, double busbar, double busbar with one bus section and double busbar with two bus sections in various voltage class. The maximum number of bays connected to the device is 24.

  • Hardware design platform of high performance, modular design of CPU (central processing unit) and DSP (digital signal processor).
  • High-speed sampling, real-time parallel computation
  • Whole panel, fully enclosed enclosure, separation of weak/strong current.
  • The group operation time for differential protection is less than 15ms (two times of differential current value).
  • With perfect CT anti-saturation criterion, strong anti-saturation capability during external fault close to the busbar.
  • The differential properties can be adjusted automatically according to the transient process with consideration of the sensitivity of high outflow current and reliability of CT saturation.
  • Complete device self-check strategy.
  • Friendly human-machine interfaces (HMIs).
  • Busbar differential protection (87B)
  • Breaker failure protection (50BF)
  • Bus coupler (BC)/Bus section (BS) failure protection (50BF)
  • Bus coupler (BC)/ Bus section(BS) dead zone protection (51/62EF)
  • Bus coupler (BC)/ Bus section(BS) overcurrent protection (51P/51N)
  • Bus coupler (BC)/ Bus section(BS) pole disagreement protection (51/62PD)
  • Self-check
  • DC system no power alarm
  • Trip Circuit Monitoring
  • Sequence of event includes 256 BI reports, 256 self-test reports and 256 operation reports.
  • Disturbance record includes 64 failure reports and 64 fault Oscillagraphic Records (the format of fault Oscillagraphic Records is compatible with COMTRADE standard)
  • Support multi timing modes: pulse per minute (1PPM), pulse per second (1PPS) and IRIG-B code timing
  • 3 Ethernet interfaces and supporting IEC 61850 or IEC 60870-5-103 protocols
  • 1 RS-232 communication serial interface for printer
  • 1 RS-485(EIA) differential bus interface for timing signal input
  • One Ethernet interface is connected with auxiliary software NSRTools for debugging and configuration of device

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