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OPEN-3000, the integrated automated system of power grid dispatching based on standardized platform is a reliable and practical system, which is a new generation EMS system.

OPEN-3000, the integrated automated system of power grid dispatching based on standardized platform is a reliable and practical system, which is a new generation EMS system. It adopts new technologies, new standards, and new ideas and is developed by the cooperation of all levels of provincial dispatching centers and regional dispatching centers in China. Its advanced nature, maturity, reliability, practicability and convenience have become the new benchmark of the industry in the Chinese market. It condensed NARI’s more than 30 year’s technical accumulation and the engineering experience from hundreds of commissioned systems. It has become the first choice of many domestic regional and provincial dispatching centers and large or middle-scale municipal dispatching centers.


  • Substations≥512
  • Analog Inputs≥100000
  • Digital Inputs≥200000

Real Time and Operation Criterion of Applied Software

  • Transmit time of analog exceed dead zone: ≤3s
  • Transmit time of digital changed ≤2s
  • Transmit time of the command of remote control≤3s (including the time of select before operate)
  • Transmit time of remote regulation ≤2s(direct control mode)
  • Refreshed period of real real-time graphics from 2 to 10 sec (configurable)
  • Availability ratio of state estimation per month ≥95%
  • Estimate pass percent of analog ≥95%
  • SCADA sub system

SCADA application is the basic application built on the uniform supporting platform. It is in charge of receiving, monitoring and handling real-time data from Front End System (FES), which provides reliable data service to other applications. Its direct tasks include data handling, data calculation and statistics, control and regulating, event and alarm handling, topology coloring, PDR, etc.


  • FES Sub System

FES is the input and output center of SCADA real-time data. It is responsible for communication and data conversion between OPEN-3000 and substations or other control centers. Its tasks consist of data acquisition, data exchange, command transmission, protocol coding and decoding, GPS time synchronization, etc.


  • AGC Sub System

AGC provides the monitor, dispatch and control functions by regulating the active power of generator units. It aims to keep the system frequency within permitted range and the net interchange power following the scheduled value. It allocates regulation power of the operating area according to the network security constraints and economic dispatching.


  • NAS/EMS Sub System

Help dispatchers master the real operating status of power grid and solve the problems occurred in the system. It also forecasts the running tendency of power grid to ensure the safe and economic operation. Its tasks consist of network modeling, state estimation, dispatcher power flow, load forecast, contingency analysis, optimal power flow, security constraint dispatch, etc.


  • DTS Sub System

Simulate the static, dynamic and contingency recovery procedures of power system so that trainees can be involved in absolutely the same environment of normal operation, contingency handling and system recovery. When getting familiar with all the operations of EMS, trainees can improve their abilities to observe the system state and make effective measures.


  • WAMS

By acquiring dynamic data from Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU) to the OPEN-3000 master station, WAMS carries out the function of on-line monitoring and analysis on normal running and disturbance cases, including dynamic data acquisition, operation status monitoring, fast contingency analysis, disturbance identification, tri-state data integration, low frequency oscillation monitoring, etc.  


  • Dispatch Scheduling

Dispatch Scheduling synthetically takes into account the economy and safety characteristics of power system. It provides essential information to requirement forecast, schedule formulating, power energy calculation, evaluation and analysis, assessing and compensation, balance management, etc. Flexible tools are provided to help dispatchers deeply observe the operating principles of power system and fully utilize the potentials of all kinds of resources.

  • Standardization

The system OPEN-3000 follows latest international and domestic criterion IEC61970.

  • Component

Sub systems are independent and can be used the moment when they are connected. Also it can be separated or assembled.

  • Integration

The system OPEN-3000 divides the supporting platform and sub application systems reasonable so that its hierarchical structure is clear and explicit.

  • Visualization

The system OPEN-3000 provides abundant and clear human-computer interfaces and its tailor tools.

  • Cross-platform

The system OPEN-3000 achieved overall cross-platform supporting functions so that in many aspects it is independentof hardware, operating system, and easy for upgrade and expansion.

  • Openness

The standardization of application’s function and its component feature make it possible to use the third party functions instantly, and it supports many access ways.

  • Security

The system OPEN-3000, based on the security mechanisms includes operation system, can support the safe solution which satisfies “Solution for the secondary device security”.

  • Reliability

The system OPEN-3000 not only support redundant configuration for all applications, but also adopts ”1+N” working mode, so that it has the capability of distributed computing process.

  • Maintenance

The system OPEN-3000’s all application functions use the unified model method, there’s no need to maintain according to different applications.

  • Expansibility

OPEN-3000 system considered its expansibility on capacity and functions to adapt the development of electrical power system and to satisfy the demand of the application in electrical power market.

  • System customization based on demands: Suitable for a variety of patterns. For example, provincial dispatching, integration dispatchingof a city and its districts, integration of dispatching and control can all be achieved.
  • Following IEC 61970 standard.
  • Perfect cross-platform design: not only can be used by both UNIX, LINUX and WINDOWS platforms, but also can be used by mixed plat forms.
  • Multiple contexts: it supports real time context, training context, research context and other contexts.
  • Reliable redundant mechanism.
  • Twin wires tap technology.
  • Intelligent Modeling.
  • Accident isolation for Commercial database.
  • Easy UI design.
  • Plug and play, reliable design for FES.
  • Network-oriented SCADA.
  • Broad applicability, multi-source data processing technology, such as providing the function of multiple sources for stations and devices.
  • Reliable practical advanced application software (PAS/NAS).
  • Planning context utility software.
  • Advanced similar-to-reality simulation training for dispatchers.

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