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Double-fed Wind Power Converter NES5411

NES5411 double-fed converter is the vector control converter of high performance and high quality independently developed by NARI dedicatedly for the double-fed induction generator unit.

This product is a large capacity transformer designed for megawatt double-fed asynchronize wind turbine group; it conducts the real time regulation to the output power (torque) of double-fed wind turbine by the quick, accurate slide control over the direct generator rotor current operate in variable speed, enables double-fed asynchronize wind turbine group with the excellent output feature the same with synchronize wind turbine group.


This product is constituted by power unit of generator-side converter, power unit of grid-side converter, integration switch of generator unit, excitation switch of rotor, control unit of micro-processor, filters in generator side and grid side, as well as electric control loop.

  • Applicable machine type: 1-3 MW double-fed wind turbine group
  • Operating ambient temperature: -30°C~ 50°C
  • Storage ambient temperature: -40 °C~ 70°C
  • Above sea level: <2000m(power would derate when above 2000melevation)
  • Size of cabinet: 1800*2000*1000 (width*height*depth)
  • Efficiency: >97.5%
  • Grid frequency: 50Hz±2.5%
  • dV/dt value: <1.5kV/us
  • IGBT switch frequency: 3kHz
  • Power factor: adjustable as needed under normal condition (±0.95)
  • adjustable as needed under abnormal condition (±0.90)
  • Degree of protection: IP54
  • Shielding protection: apply metal net for protection in the main loop in cabinet
  • Lightning protection: B grade protection for main loop; C grade protection of control loop
  • Protection: overvoltage, overcurrent, short circuit, overheating, grounding
  • Standard of insulation: GB 3859/93
  • Environment humidity: 0~95%
  • Property of anticorrosion: salt mist -proof (satisfy the requirement to operate in offshore region and damp region)
  • Requirement for transportation package: could be transported in national 2 class roads
  • Adopt special coating technology, obtain strong capability to prevent salt mist and corrosion
  • The cabinet design is IP54, adopt a full closed cabinet to improve the protection against severe environment conditions such as dust, salt mist, sand and high humidity
  • Adopt advanced intelligent IPM module in power component to guarantee the reliability of operation
  • Individual control of active power and reactive power to ensure the optimized power energy output
  • Optional active CROWBAR component can perform LVRT operation to satisfy the latest grid specification
  • Modularized design fit for the installation and maintenance
  • Provide standard CANopen communication interface, and communication resolutions such as Profibus-DP, EtherNET as well as hard node for the selection of client
  • Adopt modularized design and conduct larger power grade by cabinet combination

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