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Full Power Converter NES5412

NES5412-2000L direct-driven converter is the vector control converter of high performance and high quality independently developed by NARI dedicatedly for the direct-driven induction generator unit.

This product is a large capacity full power converter designed for megawatt direct drive wind turbine group. It conducts the real time regulation to the output power (torque) of direct drive permanent magnet generator by the quick, accurate slide control over the direct drive permanent magnet generator rotating in low speed, transforms the electric power with variable frequency to the electric energy with power frequency and transmits it to the grid.

This product is constituted by power unit of generator-side converter, power unit of grid-side converter, integration switch of generator unit, control unit of micro-processor, filters in generator side and grid side, as well as electric control loop.

  • Applicable machine type: 1-2.5 MW direct drive wind turbine group
  • Operating ambient temperature: -30°C~ 50°C
  • Storage  ambient temperature: -40 °C~ 70°C
  • Above sea level: <2000m(power would derate when above 2000melevation)
  • Size of cabinet: 2200×2200×1000 (width×height×depth)
  • Efficiency: >97.5%
  • Grid frequency: 50Hz±2.5%
  • dV/dt value: <1.5kV/us
  • IGBT switch frequency: 3kHz
  • Power factor: adjustable as needed under normal condition (±0.95)
  • adjustable as needed under abnormal condition (±0.90)
  • Degree of protection: control cabinet IP54
  • Power cabinet IP 23
  • Shielding protection: apply metal net for protection in the main loop in cabinet
  • Lightning protection: B grade protection for main loop; C grade protection of control loop
  • Protection: overvoltage, overcurrent, short circuit, overheating, grounding
  • Service life of whole equipment: >20 years
  • Standard of insulation: GB 3859/93
  • Environment humidity: 0~95%
  • Property of anticorrosion: salt mist -proof (satisfy the requirement in offshore region and damp region)
  • Requirement for transportation package: could be transported in national 2 class roads
  • Adopt advanced IPM intelligent module in main power device, with high reliability, compact structure and strong power output capacity
  • Small torque impulse, protect the mechanical transmission component
  • Control over the power and rotation speed of direct drive permanent magnet generator
  • Dynamic reactive control
  • Adopt the magnetic field directional control technology, quick and accurate power / torque regulation
  • Adopt the technology of speed sensor less control, settle the problem of install speed / position sensor in direct drive generator
  • Synchronize and disconnection control of generator
  • Posses the capability to resist short time voltage fluctuation in rid
  • Low voltage ride-through function of wind turbine group (optional)
  • Over / under voltage limit and protection in the terminal of generator
  • Overload and short circuit protection
  • Field bus port, can be open by protocol and allow remote access
  • Friendly man-machine interface, easy for operation

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